Should we choose downlights or spotlights?


Should we choose downlights or spotlights?

The difference between downlight and spotlight effect

Downlights are soft and divergent light sources, suitable for large-area lighting. They are generally used in aisles or in the more popular design of no main light, replacing the main light as an auxiliary light source for space lighting. Make the whole space look bright and spacious through uniform lighting,

1. Choose according to the lighting environment

Spotlights can be used for local lighting under the premise of having main lights or basic lighting. In environments without main lights and basic lighting, it is recommended to use downlights for lighting.

2. Select according to the beam angle

The space atmosphere created by different beam angles is also very different! The same light source: the larger the beam angle, the smaller the central light intensity, and the softer the light spot. The smaller the beam angle, the stronger the center spot, and the stiffer the spot.

Generally speaking, the beam angle range of the tube and spotlight is in the range of 10°-60°, and the common ones are 15°, 24°, 36° and so on.

5° is often used above the ornaments to play a decorative role in highlighting the lighting. 24° is often used for local lighting. For example, when it is installed on the edge of the ceiling, the light is rubbed against the wall, which visually raises the space and reduces the sense of occlusion in the space. 36°-60° ultra-wide beam angle lights, the light will be more dispersed when hitting the ground, suitable for lighting in aisles and other environments.

3. Select according to color temperature

The lower the color temperature, the yellower the light, which is what we call warm light, and the higher the color temperature, the bluer the light, which is cold light.

Bedrooms and dining rooms choose 3000K-4000K neutral light. Due to the large amount of red light components, it gives people a warm feeling, and at the same time, it does not make the food too distorted, and also creates a comfortable dining atmosphere.

In addition, the spotlights must not be selected with secondary light spots. There are multiple layers of light and shadow, which not only looks messy but also destroys the overall sense of luxury!

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